Tefal 1.75L Dynamix Cook High Speed Blender BL967

Tefal 1.75L Dynamix Cook High Speed Blender BL967

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<style> .desktopview{display: block;} .mobileview{display: none;} .nopadding{padding: 0px 0px;} .centertext{text-align: center;} .lefttext{text-align: left;} .topmg{margin-top: 20px;} .btmmg{margin-bottom: 20px;} .toppd{padding-top: 20px;} .btmpd{padding-bottom: 20px;} .spec{padding-bottom: 10px!important; padding-top: 10px!important; margin-bottom:0px!important;} .specdetail{margin: 0 0 0px;} /*Description margin*/ .titlemg{margin-top: 20%;} /*Colour*/ .spectitlecolour{background-color: #0086a6;} .spectitlecolour h1 {color: #fff;} .speccolour{background-color: #f2f2f2;} /*Mobile View*/ @media screen and (max-width:991px){ .desktopview{display: none;} .mobileview{display: block;} } </style> <div class="row centertext"><!--Description--> <!-- First Group Start --> <div class="col-md-12"> <img src="https://magento.senheng.com.my/media/wysiwyg/m2_images/m2_content/content-short-description/tefal/TEF-BL967-1.jpg" alt="" alt="Tefal 1.75L Dynamix Cook High Speed Blender BL967" width="100%" /> <br/><br> <strong>Versatile: 10 HOT & COLD Auto Programs</strong><br><br> Each program is unique and precise to make every recipe a success: Soup, Soy milk, Dessert, Baby food, Sesame pate, Creamy soup, Grain porridge, Healthy tea, Fresh juice and Smoothie. <br/><br> <strong>Performant: Smoother, Faster Results</strong><br><br> Perfect combination of a High Speed Motor: 1300W - 35K RPM* and Powelix blades technology for extremely smooth results in no time! *Max speed motor <br/><br> <strong>100°C: Real Cooking</strong><br><br> Fast heating technology reaching up to 100°C to perfectly cook raw ingredients. <br/><br> <strong>Smart: Automatic Temperature Control</strong><br><br> The temperature is precisely controlled and adjusted in real time by a temperature sensor achieving best in class cooking results. <br/><br> <strong>Hygienic: Kill Up To 99.99% Bacteria**</strong><br><br> 2 Auto Clean programs: Deep Clean to kill up to 99.99% bacteria** & Quick Clean to rinse in less than 1 minute. <br/><br> <strong>Healthy: High Speed to release more nutrients</strong><br><br> Pulverize ingredients to release nutrients and vitamins trapped inside the cells. <br/><br> <strong>Safe: Secure Lid System</strong><br><br> Secure Lid System prevents the blender from starting if the lid is not properly locked. <br/><br> <strong>6 Levels of Speed</strong><br><br> Manual mode provides full flexibility from gentle blending to strong pulverizing. <br/><br> <strong>High Temperature Resistant Glass Jar </strong><br><br> 1.75L high temperature resistant glass jar made to resist from 0°C to 100°C. <br/><br> <strong>Digital Screen</strong><br><br> Intuitive integrated digital screen for One Touch experience. <br/><br> <strong>Pusher included</strong><br><br> Ideal for mixing hard ingredients such as nuts or ice cubes. <br/><br> <strong>Removable Lid Cap</strong><br><br> Easily add liquid and ingredients while blending. <br /><br /> </div> <!-- First Group End --> </div> <!-- Specifications start --> <div class="row topmg"> <div class="col-md-12"> <div class="col-md-12 spectitlecolour centertext"> <h1 class="spec">Specifications</h1> </div> <div class="col-md-12 speccolour centertext toppd btmpd"> <p><strong>Number of blades:</strong> 6<br><strong>Additional included accessories: </strong>Pusher, Measuring Cup, Cleaning Brush<br><strong>Recipes included:</strong> Yes<br><strong>Power:</strong> 1300 W<br><strong>Colours:</strong> Grey <br><strong>Dosing cup:</strong> Yes<br><strong>Suction feet for stability:</strong> Yes<br><strong>Programs:</strong> 10 Auto Programs <br><strong>Jar material:</strong> Glass <br><strong>Jar useful capacity:</strong> 1.75 L<br><strong>Jar total capacity:</strong> 2.0 L<br><strong>Speed settings:</strong> 6 <br><strong>Dishwasher safe - details:</strong> Lid cap and accessories are dishwasher safe&nbsp;</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- Specification end -->