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All prices are inclusive of 6% GST (where applicable)
All prices are inclusive of 6% GST (where applicable)

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Standard Installation

Standard Installation

a. Scope of work:
     Installation and commissioning indoor and outdoor unit air conditioner with standard accessory.

b. Standard Air Conditioner Installation charges come with:

  • Up to 8 feet copper piping
  • Up to 8 feet cable without casing
    • 1.0HP & 1.5HP Air cond with gas R410A – 3 core 1.5mm
    • 1.75HP & above with gas R410A – 4 core 2.5mm
  • Drainage pipe (PVC)
  • Bracket
  • Labour
  • Transport


c. Additional Chargeable Fees (payable to installer):

   Air cond with gas R410A  
   1 HP RM 18 / feet
   1.5 HP RM 20 / feet
   1.75 HP RM 25 / feet
   2 HP RM 25 / feet
   2.5 HP RM 25 / feet
   3 HP RM 30 / feet
  (2) Cable exceeded 8 feet RM2 / feet
  (3) Casing for cable RM 4 / meter
  (4) i.  Cable from DB board (same floor) RM120
  (4) ii. Cable from DB board (Next Floor) RM240
  (5) i) Switch (20Amp)  RM18
       ii) Switch (20Amp) -with looping RM35
 (6) Plug and socket (not encouraged) RM18
 (7) Dismantling of old air conditioner RM70 / unit

* The price charged and package for installation varies from one region to another within Malaysia. Terms and Conditions apply.