Sharp Air Conditioner 1.0HP R32 AHA9XCD


Sharp Air Conditioner 1.0HP R32 AHA9XCD

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R32 Refrigerant
Auto & 3-Step Fan speed Setting
LCD Wireless Remote Control
24-Hour On/Off Timer
Dual Drain Setting



Cooling Capacity (BTU): 9281
Power Input (W): 844
Running Current (A): 3.8
CSPF (Wh/Wh): 3.77
Star Rank: 3
Power Supply (V-Hz): 220-240V 50Hz
Air Volume (m3/min): 9.2
Dimension (mm)-Indoor (W×H×D): 773 × 250 × 185
Dimension (mm)-Outdoor (W×H×D): 782 × 540 × 320
Net Weight (kg)-Indoor: 8.5
Net Weight (kg)-Outdoor: 27
Refrigerant: R32
Pipe Diameter (inch): 1/4"
Pipe Length (Min-Max) (m): 5
Maximum Chargeless Length (m): 5
Maximum Height Difference (m): 7
Outdoor Unit: AUA9XCD

Comfort Mode: Yes
Quiet Operation: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes
LED Display: Yes
Auto Operation Mode: Yes
Auto & 3-Step Fan Speed Setting: Yes
LCD Wireless Remote Control: Yes
24-Hour On/Off Timer: Yes
Auto Swing Louver: Yes
Dual Drain Setting: Yes