Sharp 2.5HP J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner AHXP24UHD

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Lock on sensor
Long airflow
Inverter controlled operation
Self cleaning function

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Powerful Jet Mode 
Powerful Jet Mode delivers strong blasts of refreshingly chilled air to cool you down quickly after exercise and to bring fast relief from hot, humid weather. The release of these cool blasts automatically decreases the temperature in the room by 5°C in just 5 minutes.

Super Jet Mode
When Super Jet Mode is activated, a large fan emits expanded, high-velocity airflow to instantly cool both your body and the room. Reversible louvres rotate approximately 180° to push the air downward and create the optimal airflow for cooling. Super Jet Mode puts you in the direct path of cool air, even if you are seated near the floor or lying down.

Lock On Sensor 
Sharp air conditioners can deliver cool air your way directly and efficiently. When the remote control sense button is pushed, the air conditioner detects the location of the remote and automatically distribute refreshing cool air in that direction.

Long Airflow 
Thanks to Sharp’s airflow technology, cool air is able to travel all the way across the room with a distance of up to 14 meters for an extended comfort zone that brings installation freedom as well as energy savings.

Eco Mode
Sharp J-Tech Inverter air conditioner turn precisely controlled power consumption into energy saving and energy-efficient operation. Once the preset room temperature has been reached, J-Tech Inverter air conditioner immediately goes into an energy-saving-operation mode. They utilize high-power DC motors for the compressor and outdoor fan to reduce energy consumption and increase performance efficiency. 

7 Shields Protection 
Varistors absorb and stabilise power surges that occur when lightning strikes, ensuring that all circuits are well protected against excessive voltage. An additional coating process enhances the electrical insulation, lowering the risk of tracking, sparks, and fire-even when dust, moisture, or small insects are present on the surface of the PWB.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology
Breathe easy with Plasmacluster-clean air. Sharp’s proprietary Plusmacluster Ion Technology removes airborne bacteria, suppresses airborne viruses, breaks down and removes airborne mold and other contaminants.

Baby Mode
Baby Mode protects babies from excessive cooling. It is designed to keep the whole room comfortable and evenly cool. Baby Mode prevents cool air from blowing directly on your baby.

Super Jet: Yes
Inverter Controlled Operation: Yes
Horsepower: 2.5
Computerized Dry Mode Operation: Yes
Power Supply: 220-240-1∅-50
Dual Drain Setting: Yes
12-Hour ON/OFF Timer: Yes
Sleep Mode Function: Yes
Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) Indoor: 1006 x 316 x 249
Voltage Range (V): 198-264
Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side: 1/4
Quiet Operation: Yes
Pipe Diameter - Gas Side (Inch): 1/2
Awakening Function: Yes
1-Hour OFF Timer: Yes
Nett Weight: 11 kg (Indoor) / 42kg (outdoor)
High-Density Plasmacluster Ions: Yes
COP: 3.47
Auto Restart Function: Yes
Lower Room Temperature Setting: Yes
Anti-Mold, Detachable & Washable: Yes
Series: Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner
Running Current - Cool (A): 8.9
Auto Swing Louver: Yes
Self Cleaning Function: Yes
Airflow Volume - Cool / Indoor: 16
Power Input - Cool (W): 1800
Auto Operation Mode: Yes
Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) Outdoor: 850 x 710 x 330
Capacity: 21,300 (5,800 - 24,200) BTU/h

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