Sharp 11kg ESW1109S Top Load Washer

Sharp 11kg ESW1109S Top Load Washer

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2 - Years Warranty

Sharp 8kg ESW809H Top Load Washer

No-Holes Tub Technology 

Cleaner  Hygienic Laundry 
No-Holes Tub technology is capable of controlling impurities from entering the inner tub. 

Less water consumption with No-Holes Tub as the water is confined within the tub, enabling you to use less.

Gentler on Clothes
Fabric threads are protected from getting damaged by friction againts holes, allows smooth washing.


Wash Capacity (kg): 11

Power Consumption: 110Wh

Double Screw Pulsator: Yes

Lid Damper: Yes

Low Voltage Operation: Yes (165V)

Manual Setting: Yes

Noise (Washing / Spin Dry) (dB): Wash: 40 / Spin: 52

Voltage / Frequency: 240V / 50Hz

Zero Pressure Valve: Yes

Rated Wash Power: 580W

Net dimension (W x H x D) mm: 620 × 1031 x 675

Water Level: 8 (Auto 7 + Manual 1)

Spin Dry Speed (Rpm): 730

Auto Restart: Yes

Zero Standby Power: Yes (240V : 0.8W)

Horizontal Level Indicator: Yes

AG Pulsator (Antibacterial): Yes

Auto Tub Clean: Yes

Stainless Steel Holesless Tub: Yes

24 hour Soak Timer: Yes (5min~24h)

Softenere Fragrance Maximser: Yes

LED Digit: Yes

Air Dry: Yes (90/60/30min)

Water Consumption (L): 95