ROBAM 86cm Gas Hob with 3 Burners ROB-G370

ROBAM 86cm Gas Hob with 3 Burners ROB-G370

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Four-gradient flame path design, strong flame for extreme cooking

Four-ring flame from the inside out present gradient design and form staged flame path. Breaking through "hollow combustion" of common burner, it realizes strong combustion and extreme cooking.

Four sets of oxygen aeration grooves, comprehensive combustion for diversified cooking

Specially set four sets of oxygen aeration grooves, 20 precisely embedded fire holes, comprehensive combustion to improve heat fiow, tasty gentie-fire simmering.

Four sectors of oxygen supply, sufficient oxygen supply for quick cooking

Four sectors of oxygen supply designed at the stove base, 360° sufficient oxygen supply, gas and energy conservation, full combustion, enjoy uninterrupted cooking time.

Waterproof decorative plate

Innovative downward-bending design to collect waste fluid and facilitate cleaning: protect burner and improve service life.

0-second ignition delay

Touch and go, ignite and no waiting.

Reset burner cap pin

Special locating pin design, easy installation after cleaning, convenient reset.

Round aluminum alloy

Inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom "orbicular sky and rectangular earth", stable fire control.

Automatic flameout protection

Timely cut off gas source during accidental flameout to prevent gas leakage and to ensure safety.


Product size(mm): 860*500*157
Size Of Openings(mm): 820*450
Panel: Stainless Steel
Left burner: 4.4
Middle burner: 1.8
Right burner: 4.4
Net Weight(kg): 13.2
lgnition Method: Electronic Pulse
Flame failure safety device: Yes