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Panasonic Water Alkaline Ionizer PSN-TKAJ11

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1 Year Warranty

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Quick Overview

Generates 5 Kinds of water
Improve Gastrointestinal System
Compact Size
LCD Indicates Time For Replacement
Water Saving Construction
Easy Maintenance

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This advance water purifier from Panasonic integrates alkaline ionizer healthy digestive system. It is a great investment for your family’s wellbeing as water quality can influence a person’s health. 3 forms of water are produce from the alkaline ionizer: purified water, alkaline water and acidic water or a combination of all.


Based on a test conducted by Japanese Industrial Standard, this water purifier removes up to 99.99% of bacteria while leaving essential minerals in the water.

Removes 9 Substances
Free Residual Chlorine, Turbidity, Total Trihalomethane, 2-MIB (Mold Smell), Soluble Lead, Iron (Fine Particles), Aluminum (neutral), Geosmin (musty odour), Phenols.

Alkaline Ionizer Mechanism - Electrolysis
The water purifier goes through an electrolysis process to produce alkaline and acidic water. Alkaline water is perfect for cooking and drinking purposes while acidic water can be beneficial for skin beautification.

Specific pH Levels
You have 6 pH level settings to choose from for different daily needs.
1. Weak Acidic – Great for washing face to firm the skin.
2. Purified Water – Perfect for consuming together with medication and to make baby milk.
3. Alkaline 1 – Suitable for drinking.
4. Alkaline 2 – Suitable for cooking rice, enhancing taste and texture.
5. Alkaline 3 – Suitable for cooking vegetables quickly, without removing flavour.
6. Alkaline 4 – Removes astringent taste in some vegetables.

Dimensions (W x D x H) - Alkaline Ionizer: 100 x 95 x 250 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) - Water Purifier: 125 x 110 x 75 mm
Nett Weight (Kg): 1.2
Gross Weight (Kg): 1.4
Voltage: 220V~240V
Power Consumption: 48W
Filtered Compounds:
Free residual chlorine
Total trihalomethane
2-MIB (Mold smell)
Soluble lead
Iron (Fine particles)
Aluminium (Neutral)
Geosmin (Mold odor)
Water Purification Capacity: 4,000 litres
*Capacity may be lower depending on the water quality and usage environment.
Filter Material:
Mesh filter
Non-woven fabric
Granular activated carbon
Hollow fibre membrane
Filtration Flow Volume: 1.6 litres/min
Filter Material (Cartridge): Replacement Period 1 year / 4,000 litres
Replacement Cartridge: TK-CJ21C1
Length of Power Cord: 2 meters
Country of Origin: Japan

Additional Information

One-to-one Replacement No
Warranty 1
Manufacture Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Standard Installation No
Bank installment (extra RM21 charge for Apple products only) No
Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Bundle Promo No
Surface 3 PWP Packages No
Package Area No
Colour Available No
Purchase with Purchase No
PlusOne Warranty No
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