Panasonic NR-DZ600GKMY ECONAVI Inverter 4-Door Fridge

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601L (IEC 62552: 2015 Gross)
4-Door Refrigerator
Convenient Cooking

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7 Days Freshness 4-door Refrigerator
Different, classier and designed to fit any kitchen for maximum pleasure

-3ºC soft freezing. No defrosting
Prime Fresh Freezing keeps meat and fish fresh consistently. Unlike regular freezing, -3°C soft freezing doesn’t damage cells, so nutrients and flavor last longer. In addition, at -3°C, items can be cooked without defrosting and they're easy to cut, peel and season for extra cooking convenience

Soft freezing at approx. -3°C
Prime Fresh Freezing makes food soft frozen at approx. -3°C, the temperature at which foods just start to freeze

Keeps freshness & flavor longer
Prime Fresh Freezing soft freezes food at approx.-3?C to prevent deterioration and unpleasant odors caused by oxidation and microbial degradation

Keeps nutrients
When frozen meat is defrosted, drip that contains nutrients and “umami ” (savory) flavor components is released. With Prime Fresh Freezing, because stored foods aren't completely frozen, no-drip is released, so nutrients and flavor are retained

Convenient cooking without defrosting
With -3°C soft freezing, meat and fish can be sliced easily and neatly. You can also easily scoop out just the amount of softly frozen soups and sauces you need. And flavors penetrate faster for more delicious results when food is marinated at approx. -3°C

Two-layer vegetable case
Using both the upper and lower vegetable cases lets you store a lot of vegetables and fruits. You can use the upper case for soft delicate vegetables such as tomatoes and the lower case for large or leafy vegetables. Separating items in this way enables neat and organized storage

Controls humidity to keep vegetables fresh
The airtight structure of the Fresh Safe vegetable case prevents moisture from escaping, and cold air isn’t blown directly onto vegetables. There’s also a manual humidity controller that lets you adjust the humidity to match the types and quantity of items stored

Clean air everywhere
Ag Clean keeps the air clean throughout the entire refrigerator. The Ag filter deactivates 99.9%* of mold and bacteria, while an active enzyme resolves unpleasant odors

Jumbo Freezer with Ag Meat Case
The large-capacity freezer compartment is ready to store a lot of items, ideal for when you buy in bulk. And the Ag Meat Case, which is designed for storing meat, fish and other strong-smelling items, helps prevent the spread of odors for even more hygienic storage


Gross Capacity
Total: 601 L
Refrigerator Compartment (PC): 394.0 L
Freezer Compartment (FC): 156.0 L
Vegetable compartment (VC): 50.0 L
Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 805 x 790 x 1846 mm
Defrost Type: Automatic Defrost
Standard / Regulation: SIRIM
Net Weight: 98 Kg
Gross Weight: 107 Kg
Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Hertz: 50 Hz
Number of Doors: 4

Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
Crisper (Vegetable Case): Yes
2nd Crisper: Yes
Prime Fresh Case: Yes
Egg Tray: Yes
LED Room Light: Yes
Adjustable Tray: Yes

Freezer Compartment
Twist Ice Tray: Yes
FC tray: Glass Tray
Ice Box: Yes
Freezer Case (Ag meat box): Yes

Control Panel: Inner (Button)
Cover leg: Yes
Compressor: Inverter
Quick Freezing: Yes
Refrigerant: R600a
Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane: Yes
Door Alarm: Yes (PC|FC)
Fresh & Clean: Yes
Ag clean (Anti Bacterial & Deodorizer): Yes
Humidity Care: Yes
Fresh Safe: Yes

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