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Panasonic Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device PSN-EHST63

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1 Year Warranty

RM 508.00
RRP: RM 527.00
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Quick Overview

Brighten mode infuses Vitamin C into skin
Moisturizing/Warm Rhythm mode deliver moisturizing ingredients into skin
Cleanse mode extracts dirt from pores

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For enhanced brightening effect

During hot summer seasons when skin is more susceptible to UV damage, the device delivers the Vitamin C in your skin care ingredients deeper into the epidermis, thus aiding in skin repair and brightening from deep within.

Ionic power delivers Vitamin C deep into the skin layers

When used with skincare products containing Vitamin C or its derivative*, the negative electric charge released from the device and the negative charge of Vitamin C form a repelling force that delivers the Vitamin C deeper into the skin epidermis.

Delivers moisturizing ingredients deep inside the skin

Attach a cotton pad to the head and let it absorb the lotion. Grip the device on the Ion Panel from the rear and gently glide it. Water flow created by the movement of ions enhances the absorption of skin care products and delivers moisturizing ingredients deep inside the skin. The level of permeation of skin care products’ moisturizing ingredients using the EH-ST63 is 1.7 times more than when applied to the skin by hand.*

Choose your favorite rhythmic vibration for skin lifting and a warm massage

You can select between 2 temperature settings and 2 vibration settings as desired. Applying the warmed, rhythmically vibrating head to the skin provides lifting while water flow created by the movement of ions delivers moisturizing ingredients inside the skin.

Absorbs impurities that cannot be completely removed by normal facial cleansing

Alternately switching positive / negative current generates an ionic wave to loosen impurities and transfer them to cotton.

Triangular Head

Metal triangular head with a straight shape makes it easy to pull up skin and use for detailed areas such as around the nose.

1. Straight shape makes it easy to pull up skin
2. For detailed areas such as around the nose
3. Convex surface is easy to use around the eyes

Cotton pad/chargeable and cordless
Cordless operation is possible, so you can relax and use it anywhere in your room.

Select the desired settings
Adjust the ion level, temperature and rhythmic vibration according to your preference and the condition of your skin.

Additional Information

One-to-one Replacement No
Warranty No
Manufacture Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Standard Installation No
Bank installment (extra RM21 charge for Apple products only) No
Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Bundle Promo No
Surface 3 PWP Packages No
Package Area No
Colour Available No
Purchase with Purchase No
PlusOne Warranty No
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