Panasonic Alkaline Water Ionizer TK-AS45

Panasonic Alkaline Water Ionizer TK-AS45

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Generates 5 Kinds of water
Improve Gastrointestinal System
Continuation Mode (Manual)
Electrolysis Indicator
Removeable, Washable Spout


Generates Multi-functional Water to Support Your Life


Five kinds of water generation for a variety of applications - three levels of alkaline ionized water, acidic ionized water and purified water. As well as being safe to drink, alkaline ionized water improves gastrointestinal function and can be used effectively for cooking.


Effects of the Water Generated by Alkaline Ionizer



What is the Alkaline Ionizer ?



Thoroughly Filtered, Pure, Worry-free Water



4-stage Purification System



Dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 101 x 291 mm
Nett Weight (Kg): 3.0
Gross Weight (Kg): 3.5
Voltage: 220V~240V
Power Consumption: 55W
Filtration flow volume: 2.5 litres/min (at 100kPa water pressure)
Filter material (cartridge) replacement period: 1 year / 12,000 litres
Replacement Cartridge: TK-AS45C1