Panasonic 2800W Induction Heating IH Cooktop PSN-KYA227D

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1-Year Warranty

2 Cooking Zones Induction
9(L)/ 8(R) Cooking Level
Sensor Touch Control
Auto Off, Child Lock, Residual Heat Indiacator
Cut out Dimension(mm) W: 710 x D: 368
Actual Product Dimension (mm) W: 742 x D: 400 x H: 107

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2800W Induction Heating IH Cooktop
An induction hob uses a magnetic field to generate heat in the cookware itself. The result is powerful, quick, and precise cooking that saves time and energy while delivering optimal results.

IR Sensor

The IR Sensor quickly, directly senses the cookware's bottom temperature. It senses infrared light from the bottom of the cookware to accurately detect the cookware's bottom temperature.

Double Coil Design

Electricity both the inner and outer coil simultaneously for uniform heating and enables more stable of heat generating.

Safe - Auto Shutoff Activated

No pot is placed on the IH heater and no key is touched: After 1 minute (approx.)
An empty pot has been heated: After 15 minutes (approx.)
No key is touched while the IH heater is in operation: After 45 minutes (approx.)

The flat hob makes cleaning simple, helping your kitchen stay neat and hygienic. the irregular surface makes it difficult to clean off the food and oil in tiny gaps and spaces.

Your kitchen stays cool because the hob heats only the cookware. And no open flame means you are free to open the window and enjoy the breeze.

Compatible Cookware - Material
Iron / Cast iron, Magnetic stainless steel (A magnet will stick to the bottom), Enameled iron.

Shape & Size of bottom
Size: The cookware bottom is flat and makes uniform contact with the cooktop surface.
Shape: 12cm or larger.

Model Number: KY-A227D
Top Plate Color: Black
Body Color: Black
Dimensions (mm): 742(W) x 400(D) x 107(H)
Cutout size (mm): 710(W) x 368(D)
Total power-plug: 2800W - 13A
Power (Max.): Left: 2,800W Right: 1,800W
Power Levels: Left: 9, Right: 8
IR-Sensor: Left: Yes, Right: No
Cooking Menu: Left: -, Right: Congee
Cooking Ring: Left & Right: No
Energy Label: No
Operation Switch: Sensing Switch
Power Display: Number
Safety Lock: Yes
High Temperature Caution Lamp: Yes
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Pre-set Timer: Yes
Country of Origin: Japan

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