Panasonic 2.0HP Standard Non-Inverter R32 Air Cond...

Panasonic 2.0HP Standard Non-Inverter R32 Air Conditioner CS-PN18WKH

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<style> .desktopview{display: block;} .mobileview{display: none;} .nopadding{padding: 0px 0px;} .centertext{text-align: center;} .lefttext{text-align: left;} .topmg{margin-top: 20px;} .btmmg{margin-bottom: 20px;} .toppd{padding-top: 20px;} .btmpd{padding-bottom: 20px;} .spec{padding-bottom: 10px!important; padding-top: 10px!important; margin-bottom:0px!important;} .specdetail{margin: 0 0 0px;} /*Description margin*/ .titlemg{margin-top: 20%;} /*Colour*/ .spectitlecolour{background-color: #0086a6;} .spectitlecolour h1 {color: #fff;} .speccolour{background-color: #f2f2f2;} /*Mobile View*/ @media screen and (max-width:991px){ .desktopview{display: none;} .mobileview{display: block;} } </style> <div class="row centertext"><!--Description--> <!-- First Group Start --> <div class="col-md-12"> <img src="" alt="" alt="panasonic R32 2.0HP Standard Non-Inverter" width="100%" /> <br/><br> <strong>R32 Refrigerant in Air Conditioning System</strong><br><br> R32 refrigerant represents innovation in every way. It is an excellent heat transfer medium which leads to greater energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. R32 refrigerant also has low global warming potential, hence it's friendlier to the environment. efficiency.<br> 1) R32 has higher cooling capacity thereby increases heat transfer efficiency.<br> 2) R32 consumes less energy, helping you to save on electricity costs.<br> 3) R32 has zero impact on the ozone layer, therefore it is environmentally friendly. <br /><br /> </div> <!-- First Group End --> <!-- Second Group Start --> <div class="col-md-12"> <img src="" alt="" alt="panasonic R32 2.0HP Standard Non-Inverter" width="100%" /> <br/><br> <strong>POWERFUL Mode for Instant Cooling Comfort</strong><br><br> Enjoy faster cooling with just a push of a button.<br> POWERFUL Mode will run both the compressor and indoor fan at super high speed, so you get to enjoy powerful cooling, even on a hot day<br> POWERFUL Mode cools your room faster by 18% the moment you switch on your air conditioner. <br /><br /> <br /><br /> </div> <!-- Second Group End --> </div> <!-- Specifications start --> <div class="row topmg"> <div class="col-md-12"> <div class="col-md-12 spectitlecolour centertext"> <h1 class="spec">Specifications</h1> </div> <div class="col-md-12 speccolour centertext toppd btmpd"> <p><strong>Model</strong><br>Indoor (50Hz): CS-PN18WKH-1<br>Outdoor (50Hz): CU-PN18WKH-1<br><br><strong>Refrigerant Type</strong><br>Refrigerant Type: R32<br><br><strong>Cooling Capacity</strong><br>(min-max) kW: 5.15<br>(min-max)Btu/h: 17,600<br><br><strong>EER</strong><br>(min-max) Btu/hW: 10.67<br>(min-max) W/W: 3.12<br><br><strong>CSPF</strong><br>Wh/Wh: 3.23<br><br><strong>Electrical Data</strong><br>Voltage (V): 230<br>Running Current (A): 7.3<br>Power Input (W): 1,650<br><br><strong>Moisture Removal</strong><br>L/h: 2.9<br>Pt/h: 6.1<br><br><strong>Air Circulation</strong><br>Indoor m&sup3;/min (ft&sup3;/min): 12.7 (448)<br>Outdoor m&sup3;/min (ft&sup3;/min): 39.3 (1,390)<br><br><strong>Noise Level</strong><br>Indoor (H/L/Q-Lo) (dB-A): 44/39<br>Outdoor (H / L) (dB-A): 53<br><br><strong>Dimensions</strong><br>Height (mm): 290 (619)<br>Height (inch): 11-7/16 (24-3/8)<br>Width (mm): 779 (824)<br>Width (inch): 30-11/16 (32-15/32)<br>Depth (mm): 209 (299)<br>Depth (inch): 8-1/4 (11-25/32)<br><br><strong>Net Weight</strong><br>Indoor kg (lb): 9 (20)<br>Outdoor kg (lb): 36 (79)<br><br><strong>Refrigerant Pipe Diameter</strong><br>Liquid Side (mm): &oslash; 6.35<br>Liquid Side (inch): 1/4<br>Gas Side (mm): &oslash;12.70<br>Gas Side (inch): 1/2<br><br><strong>Pipe Extension</strong><br>Chargeless Pipe Length (m): 7.5<br>Maximum Pipe Length (m): 30<br>Maximum Elevation Length (m): 20<br>Additional Refrigerant Gas* (g/m): 15<br><br><strong>Power Supply</strong><br>Indoor<br><br><strong>Cleaner Air</strong><br>nanoeTMX: No<br>nanoe-G: No<br>Anti-Dust Coating: No<br>Dust Sensor: No<br>Odour-Removing Function: Yes<br>Removable, Washable Panel: Yes<br><br><strong>Comfort</strong><br>Radiant Cooling: No<br>iAUTO-X: No<br>iAUTO: No<br>ECONAVI: No<br>ECO Mode with A.I.: No<br>Temperature Wave: No<br>SLEEP: Yes<br>Inverter Control: No<br>Powerful Mode: Yes<br>Quiet Mode: Yes<br>Soft Dry Operation Mode: Yes<br>Personal Airflow Creation: No<br>Airflow Direction Control (Up Down): Yes<br>Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control: Yes<br><br><strong>Convenience</strong><br>24-Hour Dual ON OFF Real Setting Timer: No<br>24-Hour ON OFF Real Setting Timer: Yes<br>LCD Wireless Remote Control: Yes<br>Wireless LAN Remote Control For Internet Connection: No<br>Wired Remote Control: Yes (Optional)<br><br><strong>Reliability</strong><br>Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns): Yes<br>Blue Fin Condenser: Yes<br>Long Piping (Numbers indicate the maximum pipe length): 30m<br>Top-Panel Maintenance Access: Yes<br>Self-Diagnostic Function: No</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- Specification end -->