Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS Cooker Hood FBR-SENSO90S...

Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS Cooker Hood FBR-SENSO90SS

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1 - Year Warranty

Features and characteristic:

Japan-made thickened stainless steel panel or heat-resistant Teflon coated steel panel with shiny.
Corrosion resistant and anti-abrading surface.
With fashioned profile design, luxury, elegant and decent.
Big diamenter burner and lengthened gas passage, together makes sufficient gas mixing and efficient combustion.
Burner designed with leading domestic technology and special processing for fine gas combustibility and anti-rusting.
Advanced design and process introduced in producing the lid and as a result,it enables sufficient combustion,strong flame, but at the same time reducing hazardous gas (carbon monoxide,nitrogen oxide, etc.)
Ignition with piezoelectric ceramic, ensures its durable application.
Some gas cooker with flame out protection device, which guarantees the safety in use.
Platform design, more convenient to use.


Suction Power: 1400m³/h

Motor Power: 220W

2 x 2W LED Light

Noise Level: ≤68dB

Outer Dimensions: (L) 898×(W)355×(H)785