Faber 12L FCO Roaster 17 Electric Oven FBR-FCO.ROASTER17

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Multi Functional Cooker
Simple Function
Healthy Cooking
Easy to Operate

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1. Multifunction
With a hot air circle and 65-250°C temperature range, the halogen oven has a lot of functions:
a. Cook food in different ways, include baking, roasting, grilling, toasting, broiling and BBQ.
b. Defreeze frozen food quickly.
c. Drying and sterilizing.
d. Oven lid can be placed on other containers to cook.
e. New design with stainless steel extender ring, the capacity of product increase up to 17 liter, it's more convenient for cooking big shape of food.

2. Lowering Cholesterol
Modern medical science has proved that high cholesterol accounts for heart disease and blood vessel trouble. The hot moving air circle in the halogen oven will decompose the fat tissue and lower the cholesterol content to minimum. So, the food cooked in this kind of oven is very helpful to your health.

3. Saving time and energy
Due to the high efficiency of the hot moving air in the oven, the cooking time and the comsumed energy are reduced to minimum. Our experiment shows that the halogen oven saves electricity up to 20% as compared to ordinary ovens.

4. Preserving the Food Nutrition and the Narural Flavor
High temperature and prolonged cooking time always destroy the food nutrition and change its natural flavor. The temperature and time control in the halogen oven can solve this problem.

General Guidelines And Warning
Remember to distribute food evenly in the halogen oven to ensure an even flow of air all around the food.
The first time you try a recipe, check the cooking process through tempered glass bowl as the looking time of the halogen oven is short.
Since it is practical to place food directly on the wire rack, you may want to spray it with a non-stick spray to avoid sticking.
The halogen oven is self-cleaning. Simply put 2" of water in the bottom and set temperature at 100 for 10-12 minutes.
For a very dirty oven, add some dishwater to the water and wipe the stains if needed.

How To Broil
Place the food directly on the wire rack (low or high rack).
For very thick pieces of meat, turn the food at the halfway point.
Like roasting, broiling time may vary depending on piece, siz, amount of fat, etc.

How to Steam
You can steam vegerables at the same time you cook your main dish by placing the vegetables in an aluminium foil pounch: add a few deops of water and seal the pounch.
You can also add a cup of water in the bottom pot, with savory herbs and spices to steam fish or vegeables. But just a little water.

How to Fry
You can get the effect of deep-fat French fries without all the oil by dipping potato strips in polyunsaturated cooking oil, allow excess oil to drain away and cook according to cooking guide.
To make delicious fried chicken, dip chicken pieces in batter and then in cooking oil, drain excess oil and cook according to chart provided.

How to Toast
You can get perfectly toasted bread and snack with the halogen oven without preheating. Simply put the food directly on wire rack and watch it toast. It will be crisp on the outside and stay soft on the inside.
You can also improved stale snack food like crackers, chips and even cookies by placing them in the halogen oven for a few minutes at maximum temperature to bring back their crunchiness.

How to Defrost
You can use the halogen oven to defrost frozen food more evenly than a microwave ovens, simply set the temperature at 100°C and check the food every 5-10 minutes.


Simple function. Easy to Operate.

Healthy Cooking, hot air circulating around food, cooking it evenly & retaining its original taste. 


12.0L ( Glass bowl ), 17.0L ( Include Extension Ring )

Multi Functional Cooker:
Roasts, Bake, Grill, Fried without oil & etc.

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