Sharp Air Purifier SHP-KCD60EW

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Suitable Room Size: 48m?
Humidifying with HEPA & active carbon filter
Haze Mode
Speedy Deodorizing of Adhering Odor
Removal of Allergens from Dust Mite Faces and Dead Dust Mites

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Product Description

Improve the air quality of your living environment by removing harmful bacteria, allergens and odours with this Sharp Air Purifier. It is equipped with an array of intelligent technology and features for daily convenient usage.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology
Plasma dischargers are used to create and release the same positive and negative ions into the air that occur in nature. Only when the ions come into contact with the surface of a mold spore, bacteria or virus do they transform into OH radicals with extremely powerful oxidation properties. The OH radicals instantly steal hydrogen (H) from the proteins on the bacteria surface, breaking down the proteins. The combining of an OH radical with hydrogen (H) creates water (H2O), which returns to the air.

Unique Airflow System
A long and wide nozzle based on aerodynamics provides a faster and more stable airflow. In addition, the 20 degree angle of the nozzle circulates air faster throughout the room, enabling remarkably quick removal of dust and particles even from far corners. The powerful suction with a large surface area on the entire back aids this process.

Rotating Humidifying Structure
When the room becomes dry, the rotating humidifying filter automatically starts humidifying the room and it stops when the room is too humid. When humidifying is not in process, the filter disc rotation stops and remains free of water absorption and it dries with ventilation so that mould does not grow.

Auto Louver
The SHP-KCD40EW is brilliantly designed to have an auto louver where it opens automatically to allow airflow out when the purifier is switched on. When it is switched off, the louver closes to prevent dust from getting inside the appliance.

Other Convenient Features
The unit is equipped with casters that allows it to be easily moved when you’re cleaning the house. Also included is a water tank for easier cleaning and convenient water supply. Not forgetting a useful display that monitors and indicates the level of dust, odour, humidity and conditions of the room’s air.


Dimensions (W/H/D)

: 420 x 637 x 242


: 8.6 kg


: White


: (Max/Med/Low), Auto, Pollen, Haze, Rainy

Filter Type


Applicable Area

: Purifying - 48 m² ; Humidifying - 30 m²


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