Panasonic Water Purifier PSN-TKCS20

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6.0L/min Filtering Capacity
95% Residual Chlorine
Long Catridge Life 12,500l For Residual Chlorine
Powered Activated Carbon

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Obtain clean and safe water every day with the help of this Panasonic water purifier. Its compact design allows you to place it anywhere near your kitchen sink without it getting in the way. Also, its stylish design makes it a great addition to modern interiors.

The powdered activated carbon and non-woven fabric is a great combination to provide clean water. The activated carbon absorbs mold and red rust, which are harmful substances. Simultaneously, the outstanding filtration performance provided by the non-woven fabric, removes rough particles of dirt.

Get access to more clean water in less time as this water purifier provides high filtering capacity of 6.5 litres per minute. Worry not about replacing cartridges every now and then as the long-life cartridge can purify 12,500 litres of water. That’s equivalent to one year’s usage, with an estimation of 30 litres purified a day. A handy cartridge life checker lets you know when it’s time to replace the cartridge. This great feature allows you to have clean water all the time as you won’t forget to replace it. Additionally, you have extra versatility with this purifier as its outlet pipe can rotate 350 degrees in either direction, allowing you to get clean water in various positions.


 Filtering Capacity 6.0L/min 
 Residual Chlorine Reduction  Efficiency  95%
 Turbidity Reduction Efficiency 90%
 Other Removable Matters Red Rust, Mold, Sediment  
 Helps Remove Colouring, Odour, Tast
 Filtration Capacity (Residual  Chlorine/Turbidity)  12,500 litres / 12,800 litres 

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