PlusOne® Member Benefit

^4481C4A8CF446A8CA22E83E92AFE56E11E64D6B01A5040CDE5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDo you know what are the PlusOne® Card’s benefits?

Getting a PlusOne® Card is a priceless gift that can be cherish forever. It provide  countless of benefits that will allow you to enjoy the best value that you truly deserve. Giving a Peace of Mind to you when you purchase products with Senheng.

The benefits are Extra Warranty, Nationwide Delivery & Replacement Warranty.

1. Extra Warranty
- FREE 1 Year extended warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Free Delivery Services Nationwide
- Purchase above RM500

3. One to One Replacement Programme
- Customer who buys any of its replacement warranty products will receive a new item as replacement for the purchase if it is found to be faulty within the two-year warranty period.

**Subject to the terms and conditions.

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