H-Care Service Contract

H-Care (Home Content Cover)

Are you aware that your Home Insurance, which covers your house, may not extend to cover your home contents? Get the H-Care Home Contents Protectionfor your peace of mind – from as low as RM 0.19 a day! Your home content can be damaged or stolen when you least expect it. Fire, flood or theft may cause loss to your treasured belongings. Replacing your home contents can be a financially and emotionally draining experience. While we cannot predict uncertainties in life, we can definitely choose to protect ourselves from financial losses due to unforeseen calamities. H-Care, from as little as RM 0.19 a day, is everything you need to enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that your home contents are covered all 365 days of the year.


H-Care covers against the following perils:
- Fire, lightning, thunderbolt and subterranean fire
- Explosion
- Aircraft Damages
- Impact Damages (by third party’s vehicle only)
- Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes
- Theft subject to forcible entry or exit
- Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm
- Earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami
- Flood (including overflowing of the seas)
- Fatal injury by fire or theft – RM 10,000
- Alternate Accommodation Expenses – up to 10% of Sum Insured
- Liability up to RM 50,000

Covered household items are listed as follows:
- VCD/VCR/DVD player and TV
- Hi-fi and other audio visual accessories (excluding cameras and video cameras)
- Sofa set
- Dining set
- Fans, air-conditioners and light fittings
- Refrigerator
- Washing machine/dryer
- Microwave oven
- Kitchen electrical appliances
- Beds and mattresses
- Desktop computers (excluding laptops and PDAs)

Plus Points:
- Affordable premium
- No average clause
- Security and peace of mind

TV with different values are subject to different plans as follows:
TV* value up to RM 10,000 under Plan A, B, C and D.
TV* value between RM 10,001 to RM 15,000 under Plan D only.
*CTV, Projection TV, Plasma TV, LCD TV & LED TV.